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Facial Priority Diagnosis

Facial Priority Diagnosis

Most orthodontic practices limit their diagnosis to tooth related concerns, i.e. crowding. Dr. Arnold has taken additional training in evaluation of facial makeup, not just straight teeth. This dentofacial orthopedic training allows us to evaluate the treatment that is appropriate for your facial type and avoid treatment that would have negative facial effects. A facial analysis is part of our no fee initial exam.

A facial analysis is part of our no fee initial exam.

Practical Experience

Most orthodontists enter specialty training directly from dental school which limits their overall dental experience. Your orthodontic treatment is only part of your overall lifetime dental care. It is important that your orthodontist has a grasp of the long range goals. Dr. Arnold practiced general dentistry for 8 years prior to entering specialty practice. With over 40 years of experience, Dr. Arnold is one of the most experienced orthodontists in the Houston area.

Arnold Orthodontics

No Delegation

Delegate? Not Our Office!

Orthodontics has moved toward a highly delegated practice. However Dr.Arnold feels each patient deserves one-on-one doctor attention. Dr. Arnold insists that he sees every patient, every visit to make all treatment decisions. Do you really want a chairside assistant directing your orthodontic care?

Open Door Policy

We welcome parents into our clinic during treatment times. Since Dr. Arnold has 4 children, he appreciates that your child is your most precious pride and joy. Why should you be left in the waiting room wondering how treatment is progressing. You never need an inviation into our clinic. See you at the chair!

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